Are blogger trips an example of poverty tourism?

Over the past few years, more and more charitable organizations have enlisted the help of bloggers to market the work that they do. For some organizations, this has looked like product reviews or storytelling.

Other charities have planned trips in which high-profile bloggers are invited to see first-hand what the organization does, and then in turn, to share that story with their audience. Organizations like Compassion, Food for the Hungry, and World Vision have done such trips for years, but more recently even more organizations have decided to utilize this model as a marketing tool.

What are your thoughts in this?

– Are such blogger trips helpful (or, necessary)?
– How is a blogger trip different than a short-term mission trip?
– Are bloggers exploiting the stories of impoverished people?
– Why do poor people need bloggers to tell their story?

Read +Kristen Howerton's view on the issues at Rage Against the Minivan –

And, as a pro blogger or social media marketer, can we do more than just story-telling and marketing?

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25 Rules for Writing Crazy Good Sentences

Whether you are writing a headline, working on an opening for a blog post, or writing a one-liner for an advertising campaign for a client, being able to write a sentence that isn’t just average but is remarkable is vital. 

You must engage the reader’s emotion, appeal to her logic, make a promise and paint a mental picture. That’s a pretty tall order, but the 25 rules in this article will help you achieve crazy good sentences.

Article by +Lori Soard 


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Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems

Sure, it could get tricky in the later stage; but generally speaking, blogging is do-able for everyone who has a computer with an Internet connection.

And guess what, you can actually setup a new blog in the next 15 minutes. This 7-step beginner guide that I have just published on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed will you do just that 

A quick glance

In this guide, we are going to look at:

1. How to pick up the right web host and domain for your blog
2. Registering your domain on a recommended host
3. Logging into your hosting account for the first time
4. Installing WordPress 
5. Writing your first post

And once you are done with these, remember to head on to where we put up all our best blogging tips in one page (warning: things might get a little overwhelming there). 

Enjoy learning – Have fun! :)

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