How to Get More Retweets and Followers on Twitter

1. Be Present

My retweet rates increased dramatically when I started using tools like TweetOldPost and TweetDeck (to schedule tweets when I am not around). Being present regularly on people’s tweet stream is the key – people need to be able to see your tweets first before they could retweet, right? So be it. Set time aside to schedule tweets when you are not around; and if you are on WordPress, use the plugin ‘Tweet Old Post’ to promote your previous articles. It is okay to tweet on the same post for multiple times as long as you are not writing the same tweet. For example, to promote my “15 check points in choosing the right web host”, I could create 15 different tweets, each mentioning a single point given in the article, and send out to my followers in 15-days span.

2. Use @mention Smartly

I am strongly against push marketing using @mention. I thought it will only make people to unfollow you. My idea is to only use @mention to connect with others when you have a valid reason to do so. What’s a valid reason? When you wrote about someone’s work on your blog, when you have an answer to his/her question, and when you feel like thanking them for a reason. I normally make regular shout outs to my followers, something like:

twitter shoutout

Try it. I am sure people would thank you for the gesture.

3. Use Image As Often As You Can 

Of course the images need to be relevant and appropriate but general rule-of-thumb an image enjoys a much bigger space on people’s tweet stream. This means you get a higher chance of people’s attention when your tweet comes with an image. I expect you to have an image editor that you are comfortable to work with. You don’t have to be an artist to create the perfect Twitter image – in many cases, just some simple text on a nice background would do the trick. For example, if I am promoting a post about blogging tips, I would just grab a fact or two from the post and turn it into images like below.

blogging advice

Again, the idea is to occupy a bigger piece of land in people’s space (BTW, the same goes to FB wall but more about that next time).

4. Spot Your Influencers

Who are the influencers in your niche? Are they following you? How can you connect to those influencers in your circle? Not all tweets created are equal. Do I need to tell you that? A tweet from a powerful influencer is usually a lot more effective than tweets from 100 average Twitter users. Make use of tools like Follower Wonk and Sum All – spot the influencers in your niche and connect with them.

5. Remember, Twitter is Like A Cocktail Party

And, what do you do when you are in a party? You social! You say hello, ask questions, answer to questions, share information, and make friends. Yes it’s important to spread your message out using automated tools that I mentioned earlier; but it’s equally (if not more) important to connect with your audience as a real human. It’s gonna take time to study what are your followers are up to recently (often this means that you will need to read their blogposts and stalk on their tweets); but hey, that’s the price to pay if you want any meaningful relationship with others.

[Caution: Rants ahead.]

Too many people think that they are SEO experts just because they read every SEO article published by the famous and watch every video from Matt Cutts. 

But nope, it doesn't work that way. 

A real SEO never takes in others' opinion blindly. We setup multiple sites for experiment purposes. We track Google SERPs and study our competitors more often than we should. And our decisions are always based a mix of analytic data and industrial instinct.  

Deep inside, many of us don't give a shit about the color of our hat. As long as the site ranks and banks – that's what the folks said. We diversify and expand as much we can – risk management is the name of game.

So… are you a real SEO?

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A good SEO does more than just reading. 

About 14 hours ago Facebook has begun rolling out its News Feed redesign to users….

About 14 hours ago Facebook has begun rolling out its News Feed redesign to users. It's not a major change in design and here's a quick side-by-side comparison on the new-vs-old design. Personally I think the new one looks much better. I think the design is neat, plus I like how the new design directs more attention to the content (center). 

That's your thought in this?

News source:

Warning: Folks who want absolutely nothing may find this product disappointing,  as…

Warning: Folks who want absolutely nothing may find this product disappointing,  as it most probably contains air.

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Nothing is for sale at $6.49

Remember this? I bumped into it on Woot and I remember that I blogged about it.

This product is a brilliant idea, does exactly what it says on the label. Well packaged and presented if you want to get someone nothing then this is the product to go for."

Product listing:

Problem is, Google IS the largest scraper on the planet

How do I report that? Hmmm…

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Google Scraper Report Form

+Matt Cutts Tweeted this link our today to a Scraper Report form. I like it, though I wonder if it's really necessary to demonstrate the search result where the scraper might be ranking. Shouldn't we just burn scrapers in a a blue flame bon-fire anyway?

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Pinterest/Facebook Quick Tip: How to add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Business Page.

Read FULL details at:

Features include: show boards or pins, users are able to repin or LIKE a pin directly from your Facebook page & a Pinterest FOLLOW button!

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Writing is part of web design and development process

Here's some great advice from folk at Google Ventures on how to 'write' good web design – thought some of you guys would love it. 

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Last month I had a site audit at and did more than 30 minor UX tweak on my homepage – a little small text here below the button and some small changes on the clickable text. So far I am seeing good results – visitors are staying a little longer, read more pages, and clicking more to the pages that I want them to be. 

When designing a website (or a marketing campaign), we often overlooked minor details such as button labels and link title text. However, these small things matter, a lot. Don't be lazy. Do not assume. The devils are in the details. 

Here's a good read (by John Zeratsky from Google Ventures) for those who want to create great interface.

From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy
John Zeratsky gives pointers on the importance of crafting those little bits of text in the UI design of software products.

[Infographic] Wonder what are the options you have in web hosting?

Searching for a web host can be a tedious job, especially if you are doing it for the first time and don’t know what to look for. While my hosting reviews and articles might help in separating the good hosts from the bad ones, you are the only one who can determine which web host is the right one for yourself.

Questions to ask include (but not limited to): Do you need a very secured hosting environment? How much server control do you need? Do you have excessive budget for a premium hosting? How much web traffic are you expecting? Do you run application that requires intensive processing power? Can your website tolerates with certain level of downtime?

Answering these questions lead us to the next key question: What are your choices? The following infographic has the answer. 

If you need more details or simply wish to share this infographic on your blog, please visit the original post at; HTML codes are provided after the image.

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Pretty neat sum up on long tail KWs

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Infographic: The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

Long tail SEO is a lesser-known, yet incredibly powerful technique for building up your organic search engine traffic. Research suggests that long tail keywords are easier to rank for, bring in more combined traffic, and convert more visitors to customers than head keywords.

Learn more about the power of long tail SEO in this infographic:

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For more detail on Long Tail Keyword, read this article :

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