Not sure if the new Google+ view counts is here to stay or not

But here's a very detail essay on the new feature by +Mark Traphagen 

The post covers pretty much everything you need to know about G+ view counts, including:

– What view counts are and what generates them
– Why Google+ implemented them
– How to evaluate them
– Why they’ve replaced the Page +1 count 
– How important they are (or aren’t!)

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How Important Should Google+ View Count be to You?
As some of you may have noticed view counts now appear on Google+ pages and profiles next to the follower count. What are Google+ view count numbers?

In this comprehensive blog post by +Mark Traphagen we get some insight into:

> What are view counts and what generates them?
> Why did Google+ implemented them?
> How do you evaluate them?
> Why have they replaced the Page +1 count?
> How important are they to you?

… a view count may be a good indication of whether or not a particular user or brand is actually creating engaging content and is active on Google+. If I see someone with a lot of followers but a relatively low view count, I’ll be suspicious that they may be gaming followers instead of earning them. – Mark Traphagen, Sr. Director of Online Marketing for +Stone Temple Consulting.

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Building An Online Business without Google Search


Following up on Google’s recent open attack on MyBlogGuest (MGB), one of my writers at WHSR, Luana, interviewed Ann Smarty and took a closer look on your Internet marketing options without Google.

I can so relate to Luana’s article as all my sites were wiped off from Google in 2012 during Penguin updates. My business revenue goes from 5 figures monthly to almost zero.

Yes, from hero to zero, in just a snap of the almighty Google’s finger.

In case you had the same experience – you would appreciate this article like I do.

Some key takeaways from the article:

  • Google’s attack on MBG seems irrational to many – Google Analytics blog publishes guest posts without a nofollow too. Do as we say, not as we do; eh?
  • Google’s ban is not the end of world – “Forget about Google”, says Ann Smarty.
  • To build traffics without Google, Ann suggested: Influencers outreach, content repackaging, and building an email list.
  • Some other ways that you can grow your online business without Google include local directory listing, blogger outreach, word-of-mouth marketing, offline event sponsorships, and forums marketing.
  • The key point is to learn how to market website like Google doesn’t exist.
  • Luana wish everyone can stop acting like Google’s webslave and ‘help bring linking and content creation back in the hands to the real masters – the webmasters’.

Yes, we can’t ignore the fact that  most of Internet activities start with a search and Google is simply the most lucrative source of targeted visitors. >Without Google, you’ll have to work a lot more harder and your business will simply grow slower. But a business relying on just one revenue source is simply too risky. 

Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems

Sure, it could get tricky in the later stage; but generally speaking, blogging is do-able for everyone who has a computer with an Internet connection.

And guess what, you can actually setup a new blog in the next 15 minutes. This 7-step beginner guide that I have just published on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed will you do just that 

A quick glance

In this guide, we are going to look at:

1. How to pick up the right web host and domain for your blog
2. Registering your domain on a recommended host
3. Logging into your hosting account for the first time
4. Installing WordPress 
5. Writing your first post

And once you are done with these, remember to head on to where we put up all our best blogging tips in one page (warning: things might get a little overwhelming there). 

Enjoy learning – Have fun! :)

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New Twitter = Old Facebook?

New Twitter = Old Facebook?

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The New You on Twitter looks a lot like the Old You on Facebook

It's official: Twitter is switching to their new (to them) design.

What’s new about the new you?

The new web profile lets you use a larger profile photo, customize your header, show off your best Tweets and more.

Here are main features:

♨  Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.

Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.

Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

This new profile setup is available today to a small group of users. If you’re new to Twitter, you’ll start in with the new profile. In the coming weeks, Twitter will roll out the new features to everyone.


Meet Tomorrow’s Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Meet Tomorrow’s Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]
To enlarge image:

Are you ready to win 2015’s consumer heart and mind?

"Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff said that every century or so, fundamental changes in the nature of consumption create new demand patterns that existing companies can’t meet unless they applied imagination to see beyond what they’re selling today.  Indeed, consumers have never been savvier, well connected, and value conscious.

Today’s consumers engage with your company in very different ways than they used to.

Meet Mike, your customer in 2015.  Mike never loses sight of his iPhone. He’s very opinionated and not afraid to share his opinion using his social media channels (whether good or bad). He doesn’t trust advertising and only connects with brands that he feels are authentic and stand for higher purpose. He publicly admits to showrooming and has been conditioned to expect everything immediately and now."

Take a look at this infographic to find more about your tomorrow’s consumer.

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Why do some blogposts go viral on social media; while others just sit at the corner…

Why do some blogposts go viral on social media; while others just sit at the corner to collect dust? 

Not too long ago  I read an interesting article +The New Yorker – the author, Maria Konnikova, discusses her study on what topics were most read in the Wall Street Journal. While she couldn’t find a pattern as far as the topics, she did find some interesting connections in how the articles were presented to the reader and which ones seemed to go viral.

Yes, there is a formula in viral-ity.

Emotion, the post presentation and the quality of the story itself are three of the major factors. 

In case you wish your next post gets picked up by social media and goes around the Internet like a fast-moving fire – here's the article to read – where +Lori Soard offers 5 crucial steps in writing a blog post that goes viral. 

5 Steps to Writing a Blog Post that Goes Viral
It’s the dream of every blogger to write a post that gets picked up by social media and goes around the Internet like a fast-moving fire. We see these viral | WHSR

Web Hosting Uptime Review (March 2014)

A little update on the hosting services we are tracking at +Web Hosting Secret Revealed.  For the month February, +InMotion Hosting 99.99% uptime score was the best; with FatCow (99.98%), SiteGround (99.9%), BlueHost (99.9%), and Rose Hosting (99.89%).

While BlueHost and FatCow were okay in the past, I was a little surprise to see both making into the Top 5 list this month. 

For reviews and more info on each host, visit the following:

The attached image is the uptime record for InMotion (I am testing on their Launch package). Please visit the original post for more details: 

Credit: Uptime tracked using