Here are what Alex suggest if you want to grow your subscribers list fast. 

1. Launch a viral competition
2. Add SumoMe apps to your website
3. Write epic posts
4. Add a Content Upgrade on your top posts
5. Add a subscribe link in your email signature(s)
6. Run a joint email campaign with a complementary business
7. Use the Content Cliffhanger technique

There were 14 in total – you'll have to find out the remaining 7 by yourself at the original post ;) 


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14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast

Adsense in Twitter version is coming to town #twitterads

Adsense in Twitter version is coming to town #twitterads

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Its own version of an ad network: With an Eye on Wall Street, Twitter Starts Selling Twitter Ads Outside of Twitter via +Peter Kafka 

With an Eye on Wall Street, Twitter Starts Selling Twitter Ads Outside of Twitter
First up, Flipboard. Not a coincidence: Twitter hosts an earnings call on Thursday.



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Social Media Design Sizing Blueprint 2015 [Infographic]
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube GooglePlus

The importance of a social media cover photo can be described when someone understands the importance of cover letter with a resume; time is money here, say quickly and say all. Your cover snap presents a great detail about you, your brand, and anything, within a pinch. These cover photos put a great and accurate impact upon the visitor’s mind regarding your product or mindset. 

However, designing social media cover photos have gone pretty tricky these days, especially for those who use it in a professional way. In fact, needless here is to mention about the habit of social media platforms to revamp their layout patterns that certainly involves something with works like cropping, resizing, etc. 

And, each time you can't spend huge money with designers for the purpose. Hence, the best way is to go through the cheat sheet for social media cover photo dimensions. The #infographic below, created by +CoversHub, presents a nice cover photo cheat sheet that holds most upgraded cover picture dimension for major social platforms – #Facebook#Twitter#LinkedIn#YouTube and #Googleplus  – that can be really useful for you on this regard.

See the complete and larger image here:

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The ultimate 2014 SMM guide for all bloggers and SMM managers

Epic SMM tips written by +Luana Spinetti – featuring pro tips from +Pauline Cabrera +Kristoffer Howes +Irfan Ahmad +Devesh Sharma – covering the basic marketing tips for the big 7 (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and YouTube) as well as some smaller networks including Xing, MosaicHub, E Factor, and the red hot 

Key takeaways

– Social Media Marketing is really Relationship Marketing.
– SMM is not about numbers— it’s about people. Numbers are a consequence of a warm approach to marketing that puts the user (a person!) first.
– There are endless social platforms out there. Focus on one platform, master it and then move to next platform.

Grab a cup of coffee, read this now:

Image credit – Chris Lott

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Fact: Facebook is not dead, yet

Setting up a Facebook fan page is easy, but building followers and engaging with them is a different story. Want to know how to have them flipping over your product and services? See how these 10 types of Facebook content can drive engagement.

While your online marketing skills, English proficiency—correct grammar, punctuations, and spelling—and literary wit are logically requisites in creating actionable and interesting posts, the ‘recipe’ to drive engagement with compelling content include the following:

– Must have CTA (call-to-action)
– Apply copywriting techniques
– Rich, yet optimized photos and designs
– Realistically social and relational 
– And so on. 

Read the post from +Daniele Virgillito to learn more. 

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10 Types of Facebook Content To Drive Engagement
Setting up a Facebook fan page is easy, but building followers and engaging with them is a different story. Want to know how to have them flipping over your | WHSR

Case study – How post format affects your Google+ engagement rate?

The image below are two posts of mine promoting the same blogpost on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed – One got only one +1; the other one on right get 84 +1's and 70+ reshares.

That's more than 8,400% difference in engagement rate.

The main difference between the two: Post format. 


On your next Google+ post:

– Use tall, descriptive images.
– Start your post with a catchy title and write meaty content.
– Make sure your audience is interested with the content you are sharing. 

More reading:

Credit – I also studied and featured several bloggers Google+ profile in the post – +Pauline Cabrera  +John Paul Aguiar +Adam Connell 

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Paid, Owned, and Earned Media: What's the Difference? Very nice infographic to…

Paid, Owned, and Earned Media: What's the Difference? Very nice infographic to explain all. 

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Paid, Owned, and Earned Media: What's the Difference?#infographic by +The Media Octopus 

"Various media platforms and channels exist in the words of digital, but understanding the differences between paid, owned and earned media can help you to be savvier at creating and curating content.

All types require time and development, but by combining all three media types you can help to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy with extended reach and scale that works to the strengths of each channel.

Here are they key differences between paid, owned and earned media to help you to understand how each can feed into your digital marketing strategy."

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Great Article by +Daniele Virgillito – If you are just starting out using LinkedIn,…

Great Article by +Daniele Virgillito – If you are just starting out using LinkedIn, this is a must read. 

4 Ways To Generate Leads With A Premium LinkedIn Profile
In this cold, hard, competitive online world, everyone is looking to generate leads. And that’s understandable… your business sulks without leads… no sales, no revenue, no nothin’. Before you even …

Pinterest marketing textbook guide.

Pinterest marketing textbook guide.

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Do You Want More Pinterest Followers? Create These Top 10 Pinterest Boards That Users Love To Follow

One of the biggest challenges that business owners and marketers have in the early stages of operating their Pinterest business accounts is trying to figure out what boards to create.

As a business owner or a blogger attracting as many followers as possible to your business is one of the main goals of Pinterest. You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… well that holds true for your Pinterest business account as well. As I’ve said time and time again you need to start with a solid foundation. You do this by making sure… 

1) Your account is set up right…that username is so crucial to getting found on Pinterest! (Almost everybody blows this because they are in a mad dash to post images)
2) The account is fully optimize

3) You have a plan of execution

To begin with I recommend a few boards that cover a broad range of interests to increase your chances of being followed. It’s like meeting someone for the first time and connecting because you have similar interests. If you have nothing in common with that person your conversation probably won’t last very long and the chances of you exchanging phone numbers on your iPhone is probably very slim. That’s how it is on Pinterest.

People will follow you if they share similar interests. This is why you benefit by creating boards that are aligned to the most popular categories on Pinterest… and forget about pushing your products for a moment.

CLICK HERE to read the most popular boards Pinterest users love to pin based on research.!0wfFP

Over to you
Are you tracking your most popular boards? If so, which ones are your most popular?

Don't want to miss any Pinterest posts? If you would like to get a notification when I share new Pinterest tips let me know below. Your name will be in a private circle.


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