Bitcoin is the very definition of bubble… yes?

I am no Bitcoin expert. I read the papers on how it works (years ago) and some news from media outlets I trust (definitely not Bloomberg and CNN). And that’s about it. I do not mine. I do not trade. I have yet to done my first Bitcoin transaction.

The idea of having a non-centralized, unregulated currency fascinates me.

Large banks, developed countries, and wolves from Wall Streets (Goldman Sachs might set a new stage for Bitcoin exchange) might not love it because that means end of world control and currency exploitation over smaller developing countries.

Bitcoin is unlike anything else in the past because:

Where there’s risk there’s opportunities?

The dramatic fluctuation of the crypto currency has defies the original purpose of the invention.

Would you spend your coin today if its value might surge 20 or 30% next month?

How would you feel, if you bought a car with 2 Bitcoins earlier this year and found out that the same amount of coins could buy you five or six car (the very same model!) today ?

So is Bitcoin the very definition of a bubble?

I don’t know.

Enlighten me please.

Very good interview – This hits me real hard. Read it twice, at least. 

Some key takeaways – 

"Their point was that the industry overvalues experience, and undervalues strategic and tactical flexibility."

"Great products happen when people build a product for themselves."

"I know that if I have a product that works, I can hire a marketing and sales and distribution team, and I can do it in a week."

"At Novell, we had what I called “glue” people. They sit at the boundaries, and help everyone work together. I tried to get rid of them because you don’t “need” them…" 

"She [Marissa Mayer] maintained a Top 100 list with 300 things on it, and would try to get these things to talk with each other."

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+GoDaddy have not make a profit in the past 18 years

+GoDaddy have not make a profit in the past 18 years. And yet they raised hundreds of millions yesterday and stock price soared 30% after IPO.

GoDaddy races onto Wall Street. Stock soars 30% after IPO
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This epic article reminds me of my early days (which is already 10 years ago!) when…

This epic article reminds me of my early days (which is already 10 years ago!) when I quitted my day job. It's hard to explain why we are working 80 hours a week to escape that 40-work-hours day job. If you are considering quitting or starting a new venture right now – this is a good read.

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