Compress Your Images Like A Boss!

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Compress Your Images Like A Boss!

When sharing images in a social network, size isn't a huge issue. But when you're posting images on your blog or implementing them into your web design, image size is crucial

The bigger the image, the slower the load time. The slower the load time, the more likely your visitors are to abandon your site. Page load time is high priority. 

Enter A quick online solution to shrinking your image size without losing image quality! 

So the next time you go to upload an image for your blog post, run the image through this first to make sure you have the best possible load time for your image! 

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70 beautiful transport/traffic icons

We have work with +Vecteezy and publish this set of 70 flat design transport/traffic-themed icons. Personally I love this set very much and think it would be a good addition to your collection – especially if you are making traffics or vehicle related infographics recently. 

Download details

Icons come in .psd and .ai files, download size at 3.05MB. 

Download URL: 


Please share if you like this set too.

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Neat Work Station Design

At first the work table setup looks rather plain and simple. But wait till you peek under the table – the owner did some neat job keeping all the messy cords in control. 

At first this setup looks rather plain, but then you notice- where are all the cables? A quick glance under the desk reveals a spaghetti junction of wires and even a Mac mini pegged underneath.

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Writing is part of web design and development process

Here's some great advice from folk at Google Ventures on how to 'write' good web design – thought some of you guys would love it. 

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Last month I had a site audit at and did more than 30 minor UX tweak on my homepage – a little small text here below the button and some small changes on the clickable text. So far I am seeing good results – visitors are staying a little longer, read more pages, and clicking more to the pages that I want them to be. 

When designing a website (or a marketing campaign), we often overlooked minor details such as button labels and link title text. However, these small things matter, a lot. Don't be lazy. Do not assume. The devils are in the details. 

Here's a good read (by John Zeratsky from Google Ventures) for those who want to create great interface.

From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy
John Zeratsky gives pointers on the importance of crafting those little bits of text in the UI design of software products.