Make more money from your blog by promoting affiliate product


  1. Position your content in a profitable niche.
  2. Make use of info from Spyfu, Google Search, affiliate networks (, Impact Radius, etc), find an angle you can soft-sell on your blog.
  3. Build trust with your readers, recommend products or services that solve their problems.
  4. Expand your blog and develop yourself into other relevant niches. For example, CopyBlogger first started as a writing guide blog; they are now into selling premium WP themes, writers job board, and writers training / certification.
  5. Track your blog closely, see who’s giving you the most affiliate sales and traffic. Put more money and effort into those winners.

Start Now

If you have not monetize your blog via affiliate marketing, yesterday is the right time to start.

More tips, tools suggestions, and case studies in my recent guest post at Problogger (Aug 2017).

Also, some of my articles on WHSR might interest you: Make money blogging: niche ideas, case studies, and traffic strategies and 15 practical ways to improve your blog.

There are many different reasons why working from home is a great idea

For instances:

1- You'll be more flexible with your schedule.
2- You become better parents
3- No dress code

Read +Jane Sheeba article on this matter.


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Working from home: Why is it great for your business?
Working from home is a dream for some, while others hesitate doing so! In fact if you run a business it can be a great thing to work from home.

How to become an authority in your niche

Three key takeaways:

1. Be everywhere. Conferences, online, offline-the more visible you are, the better.

2. Speak at new, small venues in your niche. Use Blab, Facebook Live or Periscope to build your speaking skills and portfolio.

3. Avoid hot button topics outside of your niche. Be yourself and be authentic, but jumping on debates that are full of vitriol doesn’t look professional even if you are trying to be the “voice of reason.”

Read 41 more in this article by +Gina Badalaty

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44 Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche
Want to become an authority in your blog’s niche? Becoming an authority not only establishes your reputation and expertise, but it is a surefire way to earn a

Are you leveraging landing pages to get more conversions and sales?

Reshared post from +Reviewz’n’Tips

Are you leveraging landing pages to get more conversions and sales?
This guide by +Jerry Low tells exactly how you can put landing pages to work on your own website in order to accomplish your goals.

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages
If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’ve heard about landing pages. You’ve been told you need them. Your WordPress theme may have a special

How to make money for real via blogging?

Every now and then I get the “make money online” questions from friends and family. Some wish to earn a little side income online; others, to escape routine traffic jams to work, or to expand their business online, or to quit their 9-to-5 job, or… you get it.

I truly wish to help those I know accomplish this. But, I can only share so much during in-person gatherings or on Facebook Messenger or via Whatsapp.

Hence, I am writing a long article and making this presentation to share lessons I have learned in the past 12 years as an Internet marketer and professional blogger.

P/S: You'd be surprised how much top bloggers are making.

Download presentation here:

Original guide, here:

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20 Content Upgrades That Will Skyrocket Your Email List by +Sue Anne Dunlevie

Reshared post from +Pauline Cabrera

20 Content Upgrades That Will Skyrocket Your Email List by +Sue Anne Dunlevie

Looking for more ways to generate more subscribers? CONTENT UPGRADES! Here are some effective content upgrade ideas:

Good read for bloggers who want to make more money (who doesn't?). 

Here are some of Michael’s ideas –

1. Write an ebook
2. Create a course
3. Promote affiliate products
4. Selling email promotions
5. Online coaching
6. Membership site / private forum
7. Host surveys for other companies
8. Selling ad space
9. …

(There are 23 of them in original post; I’ll let you find out yourself.)

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23 Clever Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Learn 23 ways to monetize your blog, from ebooks to courses to Facebook advertising.

Today I learned: Eduction is a $19.4 billion industry and it's more than just…

Today I learned: Eduction is a $19.4 billion industry and it's more than just about youngsters.

“Educational franchises aren’t just for the young. Around 16 million Americans are enrolled in an educational and training services program. Occupational training is one area in the educational industry geared towards adults – helping professionals improve what they do.” – Education Industry Analysis Report

And here's +Lori Soard idea on how to start one education blog and have your piece of pie in the niche.

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How to Start and Run a Successful Education Blog
If you’ve ever thought about starting an education blog, then you likely already know that supplementary education services are big business. The education